gate to your business.

Personalized mobile apps to connect you with your customers. Onegate provides a digital branch at your customer's fingertips, under your brand.

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Grow your business

Grow Your Business

<p>Grow your business with your own mobile apps in the major app stores.</p><p>Manage your day-to-day operations and stay organized.</p><p>Gain competitive advantage.</p>
Stay conected

Stay Connected

<p>Keep & expand your customer base by providing top-notch customer experience.</p><p>Stay connected with your customers even if you can't be there in person.</p>
Save Money and Time

Save Money & Time

<p>Leverage our platform and publish your modern and secure apps with only a tiny fraction of the usual costs.</p><p>Time is money - Get up and running quickly.</p>
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    <li>Use a number of different software products to manage your operations. This leads to inefficiency and higher costs.</li><li>Spend large amounts of money and time by having a developer or agency build your mobile apps.</li><li>Risk being left behind your competitors by refusing to adapt to changes in customer demand.</li>


<li>A modern, secure and central solution to help you run your business. All under your brand.</li><li>Pay only a fraction of the cost compared to the alternatives. Get your mobile apps to your customers through App Store and Play Store in no time.</li><li>Gain competitive advantage by providing great value. Exceed your customer expectations.</li>
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What's included


Branding improves recognition, creates trust, inspires employees and acquires new customers.

Your Onegate provided mobile app retains key visual elements of your brand such as your logo and colors.


Showcase information about your business that keeps your customers up to date. Display your services with detailed information and plenty of pictures.

Manage social media links to increase customer engagement.

Online Booking

Say goodbye to phone calls, emails and other forms of appointment scheduling.

Give your clients the power to book anytime and manage your appointments easily.

File Sharing

Share files and documents with your customers, easy, fast and secure.

Request digital signatures from the comfort of your phone. Get notified and stay up to date with your documents.

Direct Communication

Stay always one text or call away from your customers.

Live chat is one of the best ways to improve your company's customer service.

Content Management

Content drives traffic, build trust with consumers, increase conversions, and generates more business.

Write posts, blogs or news articles, send offers and campaigns directly to your customers.

You own your data

We won't use it, or sell it. It's yours. You can request your data or deletion of it any time.

Security is our priority

Data is encrypted and accessible only via our servers.

We comply to high data protection standards

We take privacy very seriously and comply to high standards such as GDPR and DSG.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I start using Onegate?

We did not yet publish Onegate publicly. We want to get every piece of it in perfect shape for you before we launch. You are welcome to join our Early Access Program to get notified and also get the most out of it once we launch.

How does Onegate work?

After signing up, you can provide all the desired data about your company. Data like company name, logo, opening hours, services and blog posts. Once you provide the necesary information, the customer Android & iOS apps would receive the information and be ready for your customers.

How do I distribute the apps to my customers?

In case you subscribe to our Early Access Program, you will get your own apps distributed to the Google Play Store as well as the Apple App Store. You can share the links to the apps with your customers. Either via QR code, that you can place somewhere at your entrance, or you send your customers an email with the links to the app on the app stores.

Early Access Program

The Onegate team is working full steam to launch the public beta soon!

Be one of the early birds and benefit from our early access program 🚀

  • Free standalone mobile app

  • Extended free trial

  • Direct support from our team